Check out another one of our super star athletes that has teamed up with us to spread the word about healthy living, and Raw Green Organics!

Introducing Maggie Legan, an elite Obstacle Course Racer who dominates competitions like Spartan Races, CrossFit Challenges, and 10Ks like the Vegan Champ she is. Check out her bio below, and get involved!

Born and raised in the dairy state, Wisconsin, it was quite a shock to my family when I told them I became vegan. My entire adolescence was spent eating meat, dairy, and other carnivorous foods. It was not until I became an elite Obstacle Course Racer that I discovered the damage this “fuel” was doing to my body. Training two times a day and running at least one hour per day, I felt sluggish and heavy; unable to drop weight or gain speed. After trying a 30-day vegan challenge, I quickly discovered the benefits of this lifestyle; I felt energetic, light, and healthy! As an athlete, my body requires protein to grow and repair. The source of protein is key and that’s where Raw Green Organics has changed my life! I use the Raw Vanilla Protein Sport and Super Greens every day and feel amazing!


My athletic pursuits have led me from a world champion equestrian to Obstacle Course Racing and now CrossFit. Notable accomplishments include:

  • 2006-11 World Champion Equestrian in Saddle Seat, Carriage driving, and Showmanship
  • 2015 San Jose Epic Series Elite Champion Female
  • 2015 Laguna Niguel Epic Series Elite Endurance Champion
  • 2015 Top 3 Terrain Race 10k Elite Female x2
  • 2015 Spartan Race World Championship Elite Female
  • 2015 OCR World Championship Qualifier
  • 2016 Top 3 Terrain Race 5k Elite Female

I am very excited for this coming season. Getting stronger, faster, and leaner with Raw Green Organics products and hard work!”