Training tip- Watch the knees please!

Watch your knee position while training legs. This includes moves like the squat, lunge, leg press, and split squat. Often times the knee will fall forward towards the toe. This is not proper form and will cause stress on your knees and shins. The pressure or ache may not feel uncomfortable for the time being, but over time it will cause unnecessary stress.

To correct this shift your weight backwards into your heels and drive upward from your heels. This will shift the tension towards your hamstrings and glutes rather then on your knees, chins and quadriceps. In the beginning stages of your workout it may be challenging to shift your weight back as your muscles are still developing. Be mindful of the correct positioning though, so you can adjust it to the best of your fitness levels. Overtime as your muscles get stronger and more developed it will be easier to naturally keep the weight on your heels and not let your knees fall forward over your toes.

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